Challenge 2011 Tournament RulesPlaying RulesChallenge 2011 Tournament Rules

• HC and GTHL Rules apply except where noted below.

• OHF Minimum Suspension List will apply

• All major infractions occurring during the tournament will be reported to the discipline committee for further action if necessary and the committee will have the final say as to what penalty applies.

• 1 30sec time out allowed during regulation time in the round robin & playoff games. No time outs allowed in overtime in the playoffs.

Challenge 2011 Tournament RulesMandatory Player Equipment

• Players must wear the equipment (mouth guards, neck guards etc.) as required by their own League

Challenge 2011 Tournament RulesProcedures

Challenge 2011 Tournament Rules

• Teams are to register at the tournament office at least 45 minutes before their first game.

• Please present branch permission forms, together with copies of player certificates and team official cards or approved rosters from an approved HC affiliate for the current season. This would also include any affiliated players• Teams must be ready to play 15 minutes before scheduled game times.

Challenge 2011 Tournament RulesEligible Players

• All players on approved Hockey Canada or USA Hockey cards are eligible.

• Affiliated Players are allowed subject to above, provided they are added to the roster before the first game.

• HC/GTHL regulations apply regarding maximum number of players to be dressed i.e. teams from minor atom to and including peewee may dress a maximum of 17 registered players. Teams from minor bantam to minor midget may dress a maximum of 17 players, or if the team has registered 18 or 19 players, then the maximum number of players that such team may dress shall be equal to the number of players that the team has registered, provided further that affiliated players may only be dressed and will only be eligible to bring the number of dressed players up to 17. Teams in the midget division may dress a maximum of 19 players.

Challenge 2011 Tournament RulesProtests

• No protests are permitted. The referee’s and/or tournament committee’s decisions are final.

Challenge 2011 Tournament RulesGame Times(all stop time): 3 12 min periods

Challenge 2006 Tournament Rules

• The clock will run in the third period if there is a five-goal spread.

• Stop time will resume if the spread is reduced to three (3).

Challenge 2011 Tournament RulesFormat

• As indicated on the game schedule.

Challenge 2011 Tournament RulesScoring

• In the event of a tie in the round robin games, there will be a shootout:

• Minimum of 3 shooters, then sudden death.

• 3 points for a win in regulation time: 2 points for a shootout win: 1 point for a shootout loss

Challenge 2011 Tournament RulesTie Breaking Formula

• All playoff games will go to overtime in the case of a tie.

• To decide playoff positions, ties in standings will be broken as indicated below:

Challenge 2011 Tournament RulesTwo teams tied

a) Record against other team involved (head to head).

b) Total of goals for divided by total of goals for + against with the highest percentage (to three decimal places) winning. GF / (GF+GA) For this calculation, results will be recorded with a maximum goal differential of 5 e.g. actual score of 9-2 is recorded as 7-2.

c) Goals scored in any shoot outs are not included

d) Least goals against.

e) Most goals for (using recorded score as in b) above).

f) Team with the least number of penalty minutes.

g) Earliest goal scored in the tournament.

h) Coin toss.

Challenge 2011 Tournament RulesThree, or more, teams tied

a) Total of goals for divided by total of goals for + against with the highest percentage (to three decimal places) winning. GF / (GF+GA) For this calculation, results will be recorded with a maximum goal differential of 5 e.g. actual score of 9-3 is recorded as 8-3.

b) Goals scored in any shoot outs are not included

c) Least goals against.

d) Most goals for (using recorded score as in a) above.

e) Team with the least number of penalty minutes.

f) Earliest goal scored in the tournament.

g) Coin toss.

• If the preceding exercise establishes a team with the higher position, the remaining teams in the tie-breaking exercise are considered still tied. Depending on the number still tied, the tie-breaking procedure returns to the start of the appropriate tie-breaker formula (2 teams or 3 or more teams).

Challenge 2011 Tournament RulesOvertime

• If a playoff game is tied at the end of regulation time, a sudden death period will be played starting with 4 on 4, with 1 player being removed every 4 minutes. At each 4 minute interval, the buzzer will sound and play will be stopped to allow for the removal of a player until two skaters per team remain on the ice. Overtime will continue with two skaters per team until a winner is declared. No time outs allowed at the buzzer

• A second penalty incurred when each team has only 2 skaters will result in the unpenalized team adding a player. This player plus the penalized player will be removed at the first whistle after the expiration of the penalty

• In case of a curfew due to expiration of ice permits, the decision of the tournament committee will be final.

Challenge 2011 Tournament RulesAwards

• A team trophy will be awarded the championship team. All players on the championship and finalist teams will receive individual awards.